Thermoelectric Wood Cookstove BioHeavy

This wood-burning, electricity generating wood cookstove is inspired by the BioLite.  But it isn’t lite or light.  So I call it the BioHeavy.  It utilizes three thermoelectric generator modules, two of them borrowed from this project.  Also I modded a 12v computer fan to run on as low as 3 volts, so that the fan draft will still operate the stove at low starting temperatures.

Here’s a video of it operating:

Here we are boiling a pot of water.  (The pot is a cast aluminum one I made)  This stove will boil 2 quarts of water in 15 minutes.

A picture of the stove before the base was built.  The base disassembles and the parts store inside the burn chamber.  The stove is made from nesting stainless steel canisters.  The original lid still fits.

Note: I’m using different heatsinks now, the ones pictured seemed too small.  The photo at the top shows two black ones and a silver one.

This is the computer fan that I modified.  Since it was originally for 12 volts, I removed some of the windings so that only 5/12ths of the windings remained, which effectively reduced the voltage to 5 volts.  I also removed the reversed polarity protection diode, to eliminate its voltage drop.  So now this fan will run on as low as 3 volts.

Here’s a pic of the boiling voltage test.


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