Burn Barrel Grate

Since building my own welder, I’ve had many opportunities to save money and be resourceful by using it.  Today is no exception.  I went to my local D.I.Y. supplier, and purchased for $10 a twenty foot piece of 5/8 rebar.  It was difficult to bend, so I enlisted the help of my log splitter to bend the curved sections.  Many blacksmiths would pooh-pooh the use of this metal.

Yes the welds are sloppy.  But who cares.  It’s a burn barrel grate.  After the first use it will look worse than this.

I designed it to fit the curvature of the barrel.  It seems to fit the barrel like a hand in a glove.  Pardon the concrete blocks–one day I might weld legs onto it so these can be eliminated.  BTW this is the second grate I made like this, using rebar.  The first was square and used angle irons, and after about 12 years finally rusted through.  I’m very impressed with rebar for this kind of use.

A view from the top.  Sorry it turned out so white.  The bars are spaced 2.5 inches, and constructing this grate used up the entire twenty foot length with no waste (unless you count the iron grit left from cutting).


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