Peace Canoe

A peace canoe that I built this summer.  It’s not tippy.  We christened it “banana split.”

This boat is 22 feet and some inches long and weighs around 165 lbs.  (Funny how that sounds like a birth anouncement? )  It is made of 1/4 AC plywood from Menards and has a huge capacity, notice how far the stems are out of the water with my boys on board.  Our family of 5 went on a camping trip with lots of gear and the stems were just into the water.

It is scaled up from the 18′ peace canoe popularized by John Harris on the Chesapeake Light Craft web site.  I changed quite a few things.  I used fiberglass tape and epoxy to do the seams, and cut the ends curved to look more like a conventional canoe.


This is all I have for build photos… the boat went together fast enough that I forgot to take more pictures.  You can see the puzzle joints pretty good.


Concrete blocks helping curve the bottom downward.    Both of these panoramas were done with the hugin stitching software.


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