Wood Gasifier

Nice, pure blue-purple flame of woodgas

I’ve successfully completed a stage of my wood gasifier project–firing the swirl burner.  This is just a basic test of the hearth, grate, cyclone and cooling stage.  I got lots of nice gas, some water, and some tar.

I will be writing more on this, but for now there’s just some pictures and a youtube video.

And here’s a youtube shot of it running.

You might ask, where to from here? Well, I thought one day I might run a vehicle on this, or maybe a generator making electricity. More realistically, I could very simply attach it to a water heater for domestic hot water. I would do this outdoors of course, and there would be a lot of automating to make it work perfectly. I don’t think it would be very hard to make it automatically switch between pilot mode and full heat.


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